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heading I-REY My-Story

- Take a peek at some of my poems. I will add more later.
- The Search With a quiet personality I roam the halls of the past. Dwelling upon what was, but not what could be. These thoughts I think are such sad ones. I am on an endless quest to find my true self and not the one I pretend to be. We all wear masks to hide ouselves. We are all on a quest forever searching for our true selves this search, for most only ends in death, some will die as themselves, some will die as a stranger.
-When? When will I walk with You? When will I hold you and tell you I love you? when will we gothe movies,and walk on the beach, and sit by the fire? When will you tell me you love me? It's so cold and the nights are long and lonely. I'm waiting for you.
- I have to let you go. Parting with you is riping the soul out of me. It hurts so bad. I wallow in my sadness, and hope that you'll see how much it's hurting me. You can't even talk to me you turn away. (if I ignore her she'll leave me alone). You don't care if i'm sinking like a stone.
- I can't say the things I want to you. I might fall in love
- I can't look at you the way I want to You might see it in me
- I can't do the things I want to you I would surely fall
- Don't leave
- You will never ever know what you truely meant to me. I don't know why I can't let you see. I feel cloged like a kitchen sink. I don't know how to think. Why am I like this? what can I do? I don't want to do this again. I will never stop missing you...


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