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heading I-REY My-Story

- This is my story. Don't be afraid. Go ahead...
- First of all yes I was born here in little old Spokane Wa. I like it here it's beutiful. I can drive 1 hour North and be in the woods. I love it. I do wish there was more culture here though. But I can drive 4 hours East and have all the culture I want in Seattle if I wish. So it's not so bad. As far as my family goes they were and are very supportive and wonderful to me. As far as my childhood goes outside of my home, well that's a whole other story.
- I was your typical shy little girl in grade school. I don't really remember much before I was 6, I don't know why. Some people remember when they were born. Maybe with me there's just not much to remember until I was 6. Let's see. I remember my mom went back to work, she had stayed home to be with me until I was old enough to go to school, I had to go to a babysitter. Her name was Chris and she was very nice,I liked her a lot, she would make me great little snacks for after school and she always had great games and things to play. Anyway, she also had a son that was about 3 years older than me. Long story short he began molesting me soon after I started going over there after school. I sure his mother had no Idea, she still doesn't I've never told anyone, but my therapist and a few close friends . You know probably the worst part of the whole thing is that when I finally told him NO when I was about 11, he got mad and told all the kids in our school all about it and made up other awful things and he told all the boys that I would have sex with them for money. I was 11 years old! (Thought you were going to read a happy warm fuzzy story of a Northwest sweathart huh. sorry.) Those boys teased me all the way through Jr. High and Highschool, I couldn't get away from them. In school out of school.It seemed like they were everywhere I went. I isolated myself,tried to kill myself, drank, did drugs you know all that fun stuff. And through all of this I also realized I was a Lesbian. It was something I had known all my life I just didn't know what the label was. I know I would have been Lesbian even if I wasn't molested. This realization shoved me even more into my isolation. I never really learned how to deal with people, because I was never around them. It's taken me 20 years to deal with this and and even start to overcome it.
- Why am I writing this for all the world to see because I want people who have gone through or are going through similar situations to know they are not alone. If you've been molested or raped or viciously teased until you think your gonna explode, or you want to kill yourself or somebody else. Know that It gets better. Get help! I have a page withLinkswhere you can get help. You can talk to someone if you've been molested or raped. There are is also a site or two of other people that have been through similar situations that can be supportive as well.
- Well I will get down off the podium now and let you cruise my site. I hope you have fun and learn a lot from everyone that hopefuly comes here. Blessed be and Peace to you on your journey!
- Well I have a great update to add to this. I have been dateing a wonderful woman for over two years now. She is caring, spiritual, understanding, kind, and very wise. And she is helping me grow and change in ways I never expected. I hope she is in my life forever.
- okay we have broken up and gotten back together, what twice now? ya I think. well as Katherine Hepburn says in one of my favorite movies "The Lion In Winter " what marriage(relationship) doesn't have it's ups and downs" Anyway we are very happy now, and no matter what happens we will be in eachothers lives forever. She is a wonderful person and a rare find. I love you babe!
- okay we have broken up, again, this time it looks like for good. I won't go into details here, but I feel like it's all my fault. But anyway like I said before she is a rare find, I love her. I hope she knows, and believes that. And I hope she never hates me. I hope she is in my life forever.
- *Last Updated 2/1/04 *
- okay so I see it has been a year since I have updated this. well we got back together again. I know. anyway then we broke-up. This time it is really over though. She has a new girlfriend that she loves very much. I have not met her but she sounds great. I miss her more than anything right now. I am pretty depressed about the whole thing. But I will be okay. It's been about 6 or 8 months now and I am still pretty up and down about the whole thing. She was and is very special to me and always will be. I wish things would have turned out differently. I love you hon! I hope you achieve everything you are working for! You deserve it!
- *Last Updated 1/3/05 *
- And now for something completly different. some really good news if you haven't heard the radio station KYRS that my show is on now has a translator, it's all kind of complicated, but the Peace and Justice Action League has recieved permision form the FCC to translate our frequency onto another Freq. so long story short you can now also hear 95.3 KYRS on 92.3, the translator makes it so that the station is heard more clearly around the whole city now! yeah! so don't forget to listen to Queer Sounds every Thursday 3-5pm!
- *Last Updated 1/3/05 *


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