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- This is a bit of little known gay history.. I hope to add to it as I become more educated myself.. enjoy.
- this is, I hope as I educate myself, a growing list of Gays and Lesbians who have contributed to history in significant ways, but have been left out because of thier sexuality. All of the information I have here so far I have gathered from a documentary film called "Out Of the Past" that I checked out from my local library. You can probably find it at your local library too. If not ask them to get it.
- Henry Gerber was one of the first known gay people to start a human rights campaign in the late 1920's. It was called the Society of Human Rights and was comprised of a very few scared gay men. Gerber also started the first gay newspaper called Friendship and Freedom( this all happened in New York). All this ended ubrupltly when gerber was arrested, for no apperent reason, and jailed. Gerber was soon released when the authorities found they didn't have a good reason to hold him, but they acomplished thier mission, which was to scare Gerber and his associates into disbanding the Society. All the members were too terrified they would lose there jobs and life as Gerber had, after he was released from jail he was fired from the post office where he worked for conduct unbecoming. Gerber said "We seem to be up agianst a solid wall of ignorance."
- Most everbody has heard of Martin Luther King Jr. and all the things he did for the human rights movement in the 1960's. But not many have heard of Biard Rustin. Rustin was essentialy the one to bring non-violent protesting to the movement, he also organized the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which was a big part of the Human rights movement in the South. He also was a big organizing force behind the march on Washington. He organized the security, he organized chartered buses to bring people from the south who wouldn't have been able to make it otherwise. He organized donated boxed lunches for people who came to the march and had no way to get food. He also arranged for a place to sleep for people that had nowhere to go. He also made a speech at the march. But noboby remembers or speaks about Rustin and his contributions, because he was gay. The movement couldn't afford a scandel.
- In the 50"s and 60's Barbara Gittings was protesting the ban against Gays in the military long before don't ask don't tell. She also protested bans against Homosexuals in government jobs. In the 1970's Gittings was very essential in getting the clasification of Homosexuality as a mental illness off of the list of psychiatric illnesses. She, among other things, set up booths at the psychiatric conventions showing happy well adjusted gays and lesbians and assuring psychiatrist and there colleges that homosexuals were no less psychologicaly sound then heterosexuals were. Soon after, about 1972 I believe, Homosexuality was removed from the registry of mental illness. That's right it was considered a mental illness until then. So a big thanks to Barbara Gittings for her help in makeing us not crazy anymore.
- Well I will get down off the podium now and let you cruise my site. I hope you have fun and learn a lot from everyone that hopefuly comes her. Blessed be and Peace to you on your journey!


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