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heading I-REY bio-pics

- IRey: Rastafarian word meaning, the best, excellent the highest.
-First of all I have to apologize in advance for my spelling and grammer please don't hold it against me. I chose this word and the regae colors because I love regae music and it's sort of a symbol for peace and just loving one another. And I am so sick of people telling other people that are different from them that they are wrong,bad, abhorant and stupid. I am a Lesbian who is interested in Tarot, Meditation, Witchcraft and many other pathways to enlightenment. All of these things give mainstream America something to hate me for or be afraid of me for.
-This site is for all of you out there with similar beliefs. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Wiccan, Witch, Astrologers, Yogis, and yes even so called " Normal people" who want to really know the truth about all this stuff. Come here sign the guest book send me links so I can post them. Send me your rants and info on your beliefs so as to educate others. I want this place to be a free flowing site of ideas and magikal thoughts where you can feel you belong, and can get useful information. So have fun. Be positive. Peace.
-Okay so it's been a long time since i've updated my own site. Anyway, I have something great to tell all of you now I can be heard on the air. In case you haven't heard there is a new radio station in town it's a low power (only 100 watts) FM station. Right now you can probably only hear us on the south hill and in patchy spots around the rest of the city on 95.3 KYRS. you can go to to find out more. We are working on getting a translator so all of the downtown, peaceful valley and the north side can hear us too. But anyway my show is on Thursdays at 3-5pm It's called Queer Sounds and I'm playing music written and or performed by Gay Lesbian Bi-sexual and Transgendered artists. I also play some music by straight people, but only the cool ones. So on there you could hear stuff from: Mellissa Eltheridge, k.d. lang, Ellis, Erika Luckett, Ani Difranco, Elton John, R.E.M, Nirvana, Culture Club, Bette Midler, Cher, The Breeders, Wynonna, Janes Addiction. I am trying to play all types of music. So give me a listen. I will be giveing out info to the community as well so if you have a GLBT event you'd like me to announce send me an email at
So anyway that's it for the news. So give us a listen. Thanks. Irey. Peace.


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